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Hello all, I’m delighted to announce the launch of the new and improved Precision Paraplanning website and blog where I hope to be able to share the occasional useful insight into the wonderful world of paraplanning and financial advice.

Precision Paraplanning will shortly be celebrating our 1st birthday and wow, what a first year it has been! From one client last November to double figures in just 10 months, the interest in outsourced paraplanning continues to grow as more and more firms realise the cost savings that a good paraplanning service can bring to their business.

I regularly attend industry and provider events, firstly to take a break from my desk and the endless stream of research projects and suitability reports, and secondly, it’s a great way to learn and meet new people. The interest in my business at these events never ceases to amaze me, along with a keen interest from advisers as to how other adviser firms are working….everyone works so differently after all. At a recent event I had an interesting discussion on the subject of due diligence. One adviser asked me how my directly authorised clients evidence their due diligence processes for the FCA, this sparked a debate on the table over what is actually required…the consensus was that you must have an evidenced and ongoing process to maintain independence but this can be a time consuming and potentially arduous task, even with the many tools available to facilitate such research.

Off the back of this discussion and through chatting to my regular clients I have decided to launch a due diligence service to assist those firms who maybe don’t have a steel plated process in place to evidence their platform and DFM due diligence…..please take a look at the due diligence page on my website for further details or contact me directly should this be of interest.

So, it seems today with the change in weather that the heady days of Summer are potentially behind us and we are on our way into Autumn….but don’t let the change in weather dampen your mood, I will be back in a few weeks with an update from the Paraplanners Pow Wow, an “unconference” event for the nations hard working paraplanning community.

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